28 may, 16:30 - Place Ste-Catherine

Ão is a young and exciting Belgian fourpiece blending saudade, indie and subtle electronica, topped off with the phenomenal voice of frontwoman Brenda Corijn. Drawing on her Mozambican-Portuguese roots, Corijn sings in Portuguese and English, her lyrics entwining with Siebe Chau’s southern guitar, the ambient sounds and production of Jolan Decaestecker and the eclectic percussion of Bert Peyffers.

Ão surfaced in December 2022 with mesmerising single ‘Mulher’, which skyrocketed with a lot of airplay, even on the highly influential Seattle-based KEXP. Follow-up ‘Avo’, released on 22 March, will certainly crank up the attention, most likely in every corner of the European continent, possibly even beyond. Ão are also working on their debut album (due for release in autumn), broadening their intoxicating sound, making it deeper, more danceable and poppier, much like FKA Twigs, Lhasa de Sela, Arooj Aftab, Çeu and James Blake.

Live, Ão is out of this world, not just a good show with brilliant musicians and an amazing voice, but a mind-blowing, unique and exhilarating experience. To be witnessed next summer at your favourite festival, and on many more occasions following the release of the album.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Ão [ɐ͂w̃] means: depending on the pronunciation, it could be something beautiful, something sad or something painful, express wonder or plain nonsense. Rest assured, that last meaning will not apply to the career of Ão, who are a new and very promising addition to the premier Busker roster and booker Willem Vandesande.