28 may, 19:45 - Grand Place


François Vaiana (vocals), Anu Junnonen (vocals), Cassandre Prieux (vocals), Leander Moens (vocals Martin Lauwers (vocals), Joachim Iannello (violin), Thomas Mayade (trumpet, flugelhorn), Rozanne Descheemaeker (horn), Tom Bourgeois (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar), Dorian Dumont (piano), Lennart Heyndels (double bass), Théo Lanau (drums)

‘Pills and Water’ EP is the first solo project of François Vaiana under the name nino_uncut. From a rave party to a gospel church via a jazz club, in just a few tracks this work outlines the vast musical range from which the author’s creative process drew inspiration. nino_uncut takes us on a journey through a world of pop metaphors, 90s references and cinematic atmospheres.

Pills and Water is the product of cathartic contemplation successfully pulsed forward by the author’s vibrant lyricism. In effect, in this EP he has managed to transmute experiences of funereal violence into hymns celebrating life. With strength, poetry and emotion, he reveals the resilience necessarily borne out of the struggle of being HIV positive.

For this concert, François arranged the music of the EP for a large ensemble of 13 musicians.