28 may, 16:30 - Grand Place


Hélène Duret (clarinet, bass clarinet), Sylvain Debaisieux (tenor saxophone), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar), Fil Caporali (double bass), Maxime Rouayroux (drums)

When Franco-Belgian quintet Synestet perform, their music confounds the senses, and manifests as a mélange of colors, smells, shapes, and textures. These five musicians, enamored with improvisation and exhibiting a playful exuberance, color between the lines to form a cohesive, improvised soundscape. An explosive, versatile, electric rock guitar, a percussion which vacillates between the foreground and background, the saxophone, clarinet and double bass coalescing as a single voice to create instantly hummable melodies. This new juncture in the group’s trajectory, initiated by clarinetist Hélène Duret, offers a sonic exploration which extols both the virtues of simplicity and inventiveness, and evokes the spirit of Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Giuffre, Duke Ellington, Jakob Bro, Timber Timbre.