27 may, 20:30 - Place de la Chapelle


Alejandra Borzyk (sax), Chae Yeon Lee (keys), Mateusz Malcharek (electric bass), Elie Gouleme (drums)

Bodies played live for a year. The quartet experimented and went in search of its own sound. The foursome has now also released a first EP, which is, as it were, an introduction to the path they have traveled, a first reference to the many influences that can be heard in their music. They range from pop rock to jazz, but Bodies also goes back to experimental styles and is influenced by techno and hip-hop. The group takes the audience on an auditory journey where the heavy grooves mix with the improvisation. Led by saxophonist and composer Alejandra Borzyk, the group allows the musical universes of Chae Yeon Lee, Mateusz Malcharek and Elie Gouleme to merge.

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