27 may, 20:15 - Place de la Bourse

Lucid Lucia

Vincent Brijs (bariton- and altsaxophone), Bart Borremans (tenor- and sopraansaxophone), Dries Laheye (bass), Dries Verhulst (guitar), Jan Willems (keys), James Williams (drums, percussion)

Lucid Lucia, formerly known as BRZZVLL, will present their new album "Ever Changing Light" from September 2022. This follows the mini album of the same name from 2021, out on SDBAN Records, one of the most important labels in Belgium, specialized in the vibrant contemporary jazz & funk scenes.

Grooves, danceable jazz, spacey sounds, rolling beats, fat bass lines and solos, free form of musical expression, constantly balancing between the composed and the free. Arrangements that within the grit allow room for improvisation, individual manifestations and the controlled mastery of instruments in a way that is singularly unique, musical instruments are an extension of creative minds, split-second decisions made audible to audiences who hear the call for experience freedom, minds liberated in the here and now.

We've been deprived of real socializing for the past few years, yearning for the once-steamy, sweaty, churning nightlife, smoking incandescent
hot melting pot, performances, concerts, events, ...

MUSIC UNITING all listeners, The Crowd In Tha Place To Be, because from the moment one enters the concert hall or club, there is no escaping the magical vibes, tones, melodies and rhythms of live jazz music.

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