27 may, 17:00 - Place de la Bourse


Rik Staelens (wind-scrap), Margo Maex (percussion-scrap), Timo Vantyghem (string-scrap)

With schroothoop (Dutch for 'junk yard'), multi-instrumentalists Rik Staelens, Margo Maex and Timo Vantyghem bring a hypnotic, sizzling and danceable trip through the Brussels melting pot.

The three Brussels residents surprised last year with their mesmerizing and acclaimed debut album Klein Dangerous Waste (Rebel Up, Stadskanker), a wonderful mix of jazz, oriental music and Cuban-African rhythms. The band's instruments consist of everything they can find on the street: construction buckets, PVC pipes, food cans, waxed wire, pots, pans and more. The home-made instruments from scrap heap provide a unique, ripping yet sultry sound that came into its own on the album thanks to the post-production of Dijf Sanders.

The band convinced last summer with performances at Gent Jazz, Recyclart, AMOK, Leffingeleuren, STUK, Plazey, De Casino, Het Bos, BRASS and with a live stream in the AB via Kiosk Radio. They are currently working in residence at Les Ateliers Claus on the recording of their second album.

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